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The main aims of the European 'Smoking in Movies' project were:

In order to do this, the European project collected information from six very different European countries in order to understand the impact of films beyond the U.S. domestic teen audience. In addition to Scotland (the 'ALICE' project), the collaborating countries included Iceland, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, and Germany. These countries vary not only in respect of language and culture, but also in tobacco and alcohol control policies.

The Scottish 'ALICE' project aimed to contribute to the European 'Smoking in Movies' project by:

The 'European' study questionnaire, which was administered in all six countries, was fairly short and quick to complete. In Scotland, additional questions relating to young people's health and daily lives were also included. These were placed at the end of the questionnaire, so as not to affect responses to the questions included in the 'core' European section of the questionnaire.

The Scottish-extension to the ALICE project aimed to examine:

These additional research questions represent the continuation of a longstanding interest in young people's health and behaviours within the MRC Social & Public Health Sciences Unit.